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buying and selling

Sometimes you're better to buy an asset rather than building. Sometimes an asset you own is no longer a strategic fit for your business and you're best to divest. In either case, you need to undertake a financial transaction that is probably outside of the normal course of business for your operations. How do you manage such a process, and who can best support your deal?

Deals tend to have good legal and financial scrutiny, but are sometimes less well managed from an operational perspective. A recent Harvard Business Review report noted M&A failure rates are 70% - 90%, and that one of the key contributing factors was inadequate due diligence. Because operational due diligence expertise is more industry specific than legal and financial expertise, the due diligence area most likely to have inadequate support is operations.

anCeres support

After having been involved in several agri-business asset transactions, both on the buy and the sell side of deals, I have the experience to help you acquire or divest agri-industrial processing assets. While my primary expertise relates to asset due diligence, I can also assist with business valuation, integration strategy, and other aspects of the transaction.

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