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unlocking the black box

To people outside of a processing environment, the plant is all too often a black box. Some grain or other raw material goes in the front end, and some food ingredients or other finished products come out the back end, but what happens inside is a bit of a mystery. Even for skilled operators, there's a lot to wrap your head around when trying to get the most out of your grain processing business.

Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, continuous improvement...what does it all mean? Can it help you improve your quality, profitability and customer satisfaction?

anCeres support

As part of a continuous improvement initiative at a previous employer, I earned an Executive Lean Certificate from Lean Sensei International. I've been through the process of implementing lean manufacturing, assessing operations, developing improved culture...and seeing the company I was with at the time earn the Manitoba Exporter of the Year award as a result.

As a business consultant, I've developed an analytical model that draws on the image of "unlocking the black box" - 6 distinct views into your company operations, with the intent of identifying opportunities to improve the business. Operational improvement initiatives are challenging, but you live in a competitive world, and the status quo isn't enough to keep your business thriving.

We can provide support with data collection, analysis, reporting and program development.

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