ideas, ideas, ideas

For every project that actually gets constructed, there are 100 or 1000 ideas about potential projects. Deciding which ideas to advance and which to drop is a critical aspect of running a successful business, so you want to be able to make those decisions effectively. The more project ideas in play at any point in time, the more energy you have to expend to keep moving them forward, meaning you want to get the pool narrowed quickly, and then concentrate on the best few. However, making good decisions as to whether projects should proceed or get tossed requires information, and gathering information takes time and effort. How do you get the best information in the shortest time and at the least cost to make those decisions that allows you to quickly narrow the field?

A feasibility study may be your best approach.

anCeres support

We use a 6 step process to help clients get to an initial stage-gate decision on any project. We work with you on the following steps:

  • Document the project requirements
  • Confirm the most appropriate technology and develop a process flow diagram
  • Construct an electronic 3D model of the concept design
  • Develop an equipment list, using data from the most likely equipment suppliers
  • Develop a capital cost estimate
  • Conduct a preliminary regulatory review

At the end of the process, you'll have a documented assessment of the potential project, suitable to share with your financial partners and other critical decision makers. We'll help you back up why you should invest in your business. And if the analysis shows that the project isn't viable, you'll feel comfortable that you haven't missed an opportunity.

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