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Engineering is the application of scientific and industry knowledge to the innovation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of systems. There are multiple disciplines of engineering, such as structural, electrical, and mechanical.

Engineering design is an iterative process, starting with a concept, and then adding more and more detail and refinement. Each additional detail needs to be considered with respect to its impact on other aspects of the overall system.

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Coming from an operations background, our perspective is that the process design is the heart of your business, and the rest of the system needs to be built around it i.e. we're thinking in terms of putting a building around the process, not fitting the process into a building.

Our experience has been that construction and operational risk is highest at the interface of two disciplines, so that's where we put our engineering management focus. We're specialists in process integration. We have relationships with specialty firms in electrical, structural, controls, building code review and other engineering disciplines that we engage to perform those aspects of the overall project, while we focus on the interface between the disciplines to ensure each aspect of the system integrates appropriately with the rest of the system.

Our projects often involve integration with existing assets, which can be more challenging than greenfield construction. We understand the need to plan around continued operations, how to deal with both old and new technologies, and where to find both the information and expertise needed to work with your current infrastructure.

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