dust collection

keeping it clean

Dust collection and aspiration systems are a critical component of any grain processing plant. Not only do they help keep the place clean, but aspiration is also needed in order for many pieces of grain processing equipment to function properly. Furthermore, dust collection is a key risk management strategy, helping reduce the potential of a grain dust explosion.

Insurers and regulators are increasingly focused on dust collection systems in grain processing facilities. Improved dust collection system design and regulation in recent years means that grain dust explosions are less common than they once were, but combustible dust still poses one of the most significant hazards in a seed plant, elevator or mill.

Dust not only poses an explosion risk, but dust emissions are often the cause of a lot of friction between grain processing operations and their neighbours. Well designed, installed and operated dust collection systems help you be a good neighbour and meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations

anCeres support

As a process engineering firm, we understand the importance of dust collection systems for both risk management and operational performance. We know how the process equipment functions, and what reasonable air volume requirements are for Western Canadian grains. We understand Canada's climate and the implications it has for the selection of appropriate system components.

Whether you need assistance with the design of a new dust collection system, the integration of existing components, improvement of an installation that isn't working as well as expected, or someone to interface with a regulator, we have the experience and knowledge to help.

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