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Trevor Pizzey, P.Eng.
We Understand Agri-Industrial Processing

I was raised on a pedigreed seed farm in western Manitoba. Our family business included the operation of a special crops processing facility and a retail chemical/fertilizer outlet in addition to seed production. There's really no substitute for growing up in an industry, and my early education in agribusiness operations, customer service and strategy has shaped my professional career.

After 25 years in the grain foods processing industry, including leadership of Viterra's $1B North American food ingredients manufacturing portfolio, I have returned to my roots and am again focused on the type of business I grew up in – Western Canadian small and medium sized grain processing operations. Today, I draw on my diverse background, including on-going farm ownership, to help agribusiness companies achieve their potential through strategic growth and operational excellence. I love taking what I've learned in some great organizations, and applying it to help you meet your challenges.

We're Committed to Western Canadian Agribusiness

anCeres Processing Solutions is an engineering and project management firm with subject matter expertise in grain processing. We add value to clients' grain businesses by facilitating capital investment decision making, optimizing existing operations, managing the design and construction of new processing assets, and providing guidance with respect to regulatory compliance.



  • we value high frequency, open communication to deal with issues before they become issues
  • we strive to educate our clients with respect to the process and content of the work we deliver
  • we provide unrestricted access to any project data the owner is interested in seeing


  • we take pride in delivering quality services quickly, because we understand that time is money
  • we ensure the most recent industry and regulatory developments are incorporated in our work
  • we invite contractors and suppliers to contribute their knowledge to our design process

Deliver VALUE

  • we understand that scope, schedule and budget need to be uniquely balanced in each project
  • we tailor our service to the needs of the team, and apply lean principles to continuously improve
  • we focus on the industry and geography of our expertise

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